Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

10. Tabriz - Istanbul - Wien


Tabriz train station:

Dining car on the train Tehran - Tabriz - Van - Tatvan - Ankara - Istanbul:

Iranian-Turkish border:

Changing to the ferry to cross the Van lake (between Van and Tatvan, the ferry trip takes ~5 hours).


Early morning on the ferry:

Arriving at Tatvan:

Changing again to the train:

Iranians make party on the train:


Train engineer:

Praying passenger during the 20-minute-stop at Ankara:

High speed line Ankara - Eskisehir (our train used the old line):

Family from Iran on the way to Istanbul:

Arrival at Istanbul with 4 hrs delay:


Istanbul Sirkeci station:

Some more sightseeing in Istanbul:

Train to Bucuresti/Sofia/Belgrade:


Turkish border station Kapikule - everyone has to get off to get the passport stamped...

In Bulgaria:

Veliko Tarnovo:

Danube river bridge between Bulgaria and Romania:


Train Bucuresti - Budapest:


Early morning at Lököshaza (at the Romanian-Hungarian border)

Finally - 8 minutes delay at Vienna (Wien Meidling station)


  1. absolut geniale Fotos!
    gratuliere zu dieser reise, die dichte des programms und anzahl sehenswürdigkeiten ist wahrscheinlich unübertreffbar .. !
    bei gelegenheit versuch ichs dann mal nachzumachen .. Lg. aus Astrachan.

  2. Amazing reports. I am a very big fan of your blogs, especially after reading the DPRK trip (more than 3 times). I also write a lot of travel blogs, but for an aviation website.

    Like you, I have a keen interest in transportation... not trains, but airplanes. I'm also a commercial pilot. It's interesting though, because my entire family on my Romanian side has deep roots in the Romanian Railway, especially during the communist times.

    Thanks for your posts...

    Vancouver, Canada

  3. Just read through this trip! I really enjoyed my virtual journey with you! I'm really looking forward to do something similar one day!

  4. loved your reports. cheers from berlin, Jan

  5. Excellent post, I am about to take the train from Istanbul to Teheran next month. I just got inspired and looking even more forward to it. Cheers Ricardo (from Peru, living in London)

  6. Really fantastic journey! Bravo, guys! Will be glad to see you again in Georgia :)

  7. Superb photographs and accompanying commentary guys. You're inspired me to make a similar trip. If only I had the same amount of time! Many thanks.

  8. hallo! sehr genial, viel input, georgien steht schon lange auf meiner liste.. :) 1000dank, super blog

  9. The same thought [as above] I got: "If only I had the same amount of time!". I read almost every trip-tale of yours :) Most amazing for me are the differencies in culture, music, behaviours, etc. And as a landscape photographer I find it very interesting seeing by "your" eye these great places. GruBe, Orpheo

  10. I have really enjoyed reading the blog. I would also be very proud of the DPRK passport stamp, especially since you went in by land from the North. Another thing that is very significant that you might not have noticed, is the Iranian party on the train. Many of the women took off their hijabs (although some of the women may have been Turkish). But also, women singing and playing music to mixed audiences is illegal in Iran. Women are allowed to be backup singers for men, but the women who was playing guitar and singing (as the lead) would not have been able to play for men in public in Iran...although those things happen in private a lot.

  11. Your blog is amazing! I'm very glad I came across it from a Trans-Siberian railway site. Trains are the most amazing way to travel. I will definitely trace some of your footsteps in the near future!

    Thanks for sharing!!