Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

9. Astara - Tabriz


Lenkeran station:

Caspian Sea between Lenkeran and Astara:

Platskartnyj waggon:

From Astara train station by taxi to the border point in downtown Astara. Then on foot crossing into Iran, the border procedure was a little bit chaotic, but without any problems. People were very friendly.

Already on the other side of the border - Iranian Astara:

Taxi trip Astara - Tabriz (350 km by taxi, for 20 USD per person):


Our quite un-basic accomodation in Tabriz:


Excursion to the Orumieh salt lake and to Kendovan village.

Orumieh salt lake:

Kendovan village:

Back to Tabriz


Blue Mosque:

Having tea with some friendly Iranians:

The bazar:

Euro-adapter for the toilet:

A Christian church in Tabriz:



  1. cool photos
    But You must trip to garadagh jungles in Irans Azerbaijan too see wonders of Azerbaijan nature