Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

7. Sevan Dilijan Vanadzor Tbilisi


By marshrutka from Yerevan to Sevan, then by taxi to the monastery Sevanavank, then to Dilijan.

Short stop at Sevan train station:

Discussion with our Armenian colleague:

Sevanavank and the Sevan lake:

Trip Sevan - Dilijan:

Our B&B at Dilijan:

The run-down avtovokzal:

Monument to the 50th anniversary of Soviet Armenia...


Haghartsin monastery (built in the 12th century, now under renovation):

Goshavank monastery (founded in 1188):

"Watzinger" bus:

Hiking trail from Goshavank to the Parz Lich lake:

Parz Lich lake:

Taxi trip Parz Lich lake - Dilijan - Vanadzor:



6 hour marshrutka trip from Vanadzor to Tbilisi:

Armenian-Georgian border:

3 hours at Tbilisi - enough for buying train tickets to Baku:

En-route to Baku:


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