Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

4. Stepantsminda


Arriving at Tbilisi

Tbilisi train station:

Georgian letters in the metro:

Trip to Stepantsminda by a "private taxi" (the 3hr trip cost totally 40 Lari (~20 Euro, ~7 per person))

Ananuri fortress (~70 km north of Tbilisi):

Sheeps crossing...

BTW, the mountain ridge on the left marks the "border" t0 South Ossetia.

Gudauri ski-resort, see

A strange Soviet-style monument:

Our driver :

Cows on the road:

At Stepantsminda:

The local restaurant...

Gas fountain from a pipeline...


Short hiking trip to the Tsminda Sameba church:

Trip back to Tbilisi by marshrutka:

Arrival at Tbilisi Difube bus station (according to Lonelyplanet 'Didube bus station is a sprawling chaos outside Didube metro station')


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