Dienstag, 29. September 2009

2. Eskisehir - Erzurum - Hopa


Early morning trip with the new highspeed train from Eskisehir to Ankara:

Turkish landscape at 250 km/h:



Ankara train station:

Some hours at Ankara:

The trip continued in the early afternoon - train from Ankara to Kars:


Euphrates river:

High mountains at Erzincan:

Breakfast in the dining car:

Arrival at Erzurum at lunch time:

Train departure from Erzurum:

Erzurum - 1900m above sea level, it was quite cold here....:

Scythes "made in Austria" at a shop:

5 hour bus-ride from Erzurum to Hopa (already near the Georgian border):


Sonntag, 27. September 2009

1. Vienna - Istanbul - Eskisehir


Leaving Vienna at ~14h for Budapest.

My travel buddies Florian and Marcus at Budapest Keleti station:

From Budapest at ~19h with the overnight train to Bucharest.


Train across Romania:

Very slow ride on desolate tracks...

New tracks and higher speed:

Arrival at Bucharest with ~2 hours delay at around 12h.

Short sightseeing walk at downtown Bucharest:

From Bucharest by bus to Istanbul (the train didn't run at that time, as floods destroyed the railway line near Istanbul). Departure was at 16h.

Bulgarian-Turkish border in the middle of the night:

Huge duty-free shop on the Turkish side of the border:


Arrival at Istanbul at 4 in the morning...

Some sightseeing in Istanbul....

...Hagia Sophia:

By ship from Europe to Asia - crossing the Bosporus:

Istanbul Haydarpasa station on the Asian side of the Bosporus:

Train to Eskisehir at ~18h:

Eskisehir station by night: