Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

10. Tabriz - Istanbul - Wien


Tabriz train station:

Dining car on the train Tehran - Tabriz - Van - Tatvan - Ankara - Istanbul:

Iranian-Turkish border:

Changing to the ferry to cross the Van lake (between Van and Tatvan, the ferry trip takes ~5 hours).


Early morning on the ferry:

Arriving at Tatvan:

Changing again to the train:

Iranians make party on the train:


Train engineer:

Praying passenger during the 20-minute-stop at Ankara:

High speed line Ankara - Eskisehir (our train used the old line):

Family from Iran on the way to Istanbul:

Arrival at Istanbul with 4 hrs delay:


Istanbul Sirkeci station:

Some more sightseeing in Istanbul:

Train to Bucuresti/Sofia/Belgrade:


Turkish border station Kapikule - everyone has to get off to get the passport stamped...

In Bulgaria:

Veliko Tarnovo:

Danube river bridge between Bulgaria and Romania:


Train Bucuresti - Budapest:


Early morning at Lököshaza (at the Romanian-Hungarian border)

Finally - 8 minutes delay at Vienna (Wien Meidling station)